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I have to admit, I’m a real cult classic kind of girl, and generally I don’t like artists messing with a good thing. After listening to Rihanna cover Vogue here:

I confirmed that once again, I usually prefer the original because the cover usually doesn’t live up to the original, or it sounds too similar to be anything new (Sorry Riri). However, some artists just do it right and here are four of my absolute favourites. Every one of these artists brought their own sound to the track without losing the charm that made the tune a winner in the first place. What are your favourite covers?

Frank Ocean – At Your Best (You are Love)

This had to make the list right? Frank Ocean covering the legendary Isley Brother’s 1976 ballad “At Your Best (You Are Love). To make this even more amazing Aaliyah also covered this song and it would have been her birthday when he posted it on his tumblr; so perhaps this was a tribute to the fallen star. With the beautiful fluidity that he is known for, Frank Ocean delivers this paired down but equally beautiful cover that definitely did the original justice.


Photo: Pitchfork


Miguel – Benny and the Jets Feat. Wale

Oh Miguel, this cover is just perfect. An R&B cover of Elton John’s classic hit “Benny and the Jets”. Super fun and just as smooth as you would expect from Miguel. Definitely going to perk up any Monday blues you might be feeling!




POP ETC. – Jessie’s Girl

The kings of covers, Pop Etc (formerly, and still known to me as the Morning Benders) have a whole archive of amazing covers, but their Jessie’s Girl cover is still my favourite. Chris Chu’s boyish vocals works perfectly for Rick Springfield’s 80’s hit, and the indie sound that Pop Etc is known for really shines to give this classic track a fresh sound.


Image 3 – Photocred:


Xavier Dunn – Fuckin’ Problems

Huge shoutout to Australian Xavier Dunn for covering a song that made our Going Hard Workout Playlist, and changing it into a beautiful melody that we’d cuddle too. If you just don’t listen too closely to the lyrics this could literally be a love song. The contradiction between the voice of an angel, and the hard lyrics make for the most perfect of combinations.


Image 4 – Photocred: Xavier Dunn’s FB Page


Phoebe Ryan – Ignition/Do you…

Over the holidays I attended a holiday party that ended with us throwing little bits of paper featuring nostalgic song picks at the poor chump that sat closest to the speakers (a.k.a. impromptu DJ). Of course with any proper throwback, R Kelly’s “Ignition” was one of the most highly replayed and requested songs. Here Phoebe Ryan, bravely mixes one of our all time favorites with Miguel’s 2012 track “Do You…” and it works. Give it a listen here:…+%28R.Kelly%2FMiguel+Cover%29




Daniela Andrade – Telegraph Ave/Sober (Childish Gambino Cover)

You know by now we’re fans of Childish Gambino so props to Daniela Andrade on an amazing cover of Gambino’s Telegraph Avenue and Sober mix. It’s not Gambino and that’s the best part because it’s a cover – enjoy this coffee shop appropriate version here: http: //


Photo: Youtube Screenshot from Telegraph Ave/Sober


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Tiffany Tang, Music Editor