Near the intersection of Sydenham St and Princess St, nestled in between an athletic store and deep brown antique door, is a little restaurant known as Copper Branch. This restaurant is the only one of its kind in the Kingston area, offering the only fully plant-based menu in the KF&LA region. If you’ve ever been inside, chances are, you’ve probably sat in one of their comfortable couches, seated underneath antique light fixtures. The whole scene just makes you want to invite a friend to dinner to catch up over their signature Copper Bowl. The atmosphere offers a nice balance between friendly-cozy vibes and quick paced food preparation behind the counter – assuring customers that they will be served tasty, healthy food in a timely manner. 


In speaking with the Franchise Owner of over two years, Mike talked about the importance of eating a plant-based diet — or at least incorporating plant-based meals into your diet. While plant-based diets have been known to be better for your health, the environment, animals, and the planet overall, the animals are what truly convinced Mike to adopt a vegan lifestyle years ago. 

“My main passion is for the animals. I have no doubt that it’s a much better way of living and environmentally friendly. All three are important, and have different importance to different people.” 

Similar to most other businesses, the Copper Branch was and continues to be negatively impacted by government-mandated COVID-19 restrictions. According to Restaurant Canada, nearly 10,000 restaurants have closed due to COVID-19. While the Copper Branch may not be on the brink of closure, Mike couldn’t help but stress the negative implications COVID-19 is having on his business and empathize with all other business owners in this situation. 


“Business was starting to trend in the right direction when people could come in and eat until the lockdown…It’s really hard on business.”

As someone who works in the food industry myself, I empathize with Mike. While it’s easy to get caught up in the impact of COVID-19 on our personal lives, it’s unequivocally just as important to consider how the pandemic is impacting our communities, friends, family, the places that nourish our bodies and feed our souls. Copper Branch is that such place for so many consumers, including myself. So let this piece be that reminder for you, yes you. A reminder to support your local restaurants, and if you’re in the area, drop by the Copper Branch. I may not be vegan but I would be lying if I didn’t say my mouth is watering right now just thinking about the taste of their plant-based burger. I promise, it won’t disappoint. 


To all current regulars and loyal customers, thank you for keeping the business afloat.

To anyone  who is thinking about going to the Copper Branch now (which is hopefully all of you reading this piece), feel free to give it a try. The food is amazing, even if you don’t eat a plant-based diet. If you’re a student, you’ll also be happy to receive a 10% of your entire meal!

And, maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll get a free zucchini brownie.

Header Image Source: Copper Branch
Image Source: Megan Fanjoy

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