If there is one thing all Facebook memes get right about university living, it’s the diet of penne, spag, and maybe, if you’re splurging, gnocchi. We here at MUSE understand you, and feel the pain with you of consistently eating pasta with sauce for most meals. But this weekend is Thanksgiving, and whether you’re at home with your family, or in Kingston with your chosen family, we wanted to provide you, readers, with some of our favourite non-pasta based, but delicious, recipes. If you try one, take a picture and tag us in it on insta at @musexqueens! Happy Thanksgiving from us at MUSE to you.

Easy Staples:

We all know how hard it is to eat well on a student budget.  Here our some recipes that our team put together to help wean you off your diet of PC White Cheddar and Ristorante Pizzas.

– Megan Fanjoy

– Alexandra Jones

– Andrew Norris

– Tessa Warburton

– Smriti Shyam

Feed A Family:

The next time you’re in charge of making dinner for your roommates you can’t go wrong with a big pot of chili. Just make sure to leave plenty of time and bill them for the ingredients.

– Megan Fanjoy


Pier season is over, and baking season is upon us. These recipes are sure to impress your roommates, especially as a post bar snack.

– Maddi Andrews

– Jane Bradshaw


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Jane Bradshaw, Maddi Andrews, Megan Fanjoy, Smriti Shyam, Andrew Norris, Tessa Warburton, Alex Jones


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