Our mission is to expose talent and build a creative community at Queen’s University. All the articles, models, videos, and editorials featured in both print and online are done entirely by Queen’s students. Creativity knows no bounds:  photography, fashion, dance, music, design, travel, visual art, freestyle, videography, drama, spoken word, literature… what’s your MUSE?

MUSE Magazine is always looking for fresh faces, and we’d be happy to work with you! We welcome contributions to MUSE whether it be through writing, drawing, photography, social media, business, and event planning.

Please direct all general inquiries to our
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Editor in Chief – Anna McAlpine

Head Editor – Katie Stanley-Paul

Online Director – Elana Yamanouchi

Creative Director – Ben Evans-Duran

Business Director – Hannah Nasiry

Head of Marketing – Erin Macintosh

Head of Finance, Partnerships & Advertising – Zoe Harrison

Head of Events – Kathleen Lecuyer

Head of Photography – Nicolette Shwarzman

Head of Videography – Erica Giustiniani

Head of Layout – Sophia Yang