While endlessly scrolling through Instagram, you notice that you are comparing yourself to others, wanting this and that, getting attracted by the ads on your feed, etc.. Instagram provides an infinite amount of content to consume every day that it becomes so overwhelming, to say the least. We digest a huge amount of information each and every day, making it inevitable to grow bad habits.

As consumers, it is important to be selective of the content we choose to consume. There isn’t a lot we can control. However, as consumers, we can try to control the type of content we consume. By becoming more mindful of the amounts and type of content we consume each day, we might start being more mindful of where we choose to put our energy. We can easily add in educational, optimistic, creative, and inspiring content to our collective feeds to balance the abundance of content. 

I’ve created a list of accounts on Instagram that I think are unique from the typical content visible on my feed. Here are some of my favorite accounts I love to follow to get more value out of the content I consume: 

Ed Mylett @edmylett

Ed Mylett is an entrepreneur and the host of his podcast, The Ed Mylett Show. His Instagram provides small clips of episodes from his podcast which provides great messages and take-a-ways. He writes very well written captions on all his posts that make it truly inspirational and motivating to read and leaves you with great reminders every day. 

Positive Minds @thepositiveminds

This account is full of beautiful quotes that really add inspiring content to your feed. 

These short but sweet quotes are quick little things you can read on Instagram. 

AMS Social Issues Commission @socialissues_amsqu

This is a fairly new account created by the AMS at Queen’s University to bring awareness to social issues and help the Queen’s community by providing great resources. This account also does a great job educating and highlighting important issues. Plus, it’s always great to support your school ☺

Shirien @shirien.creates

Shirien creates beautiful posts to amplify social justice issues. The goal of her account is to bring about awareness of her “passion for social justice and healing to imagine and create new possibilities” using her creativity, talent, artistic design and illustration skills.

SHIT YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT @shityoushouldcareabout

This account is exactly what it’s called. It does a great job in bringing attention to issues you should be aware of, but it’s not meant for you to stop there. It is important to do our research in a continuous manner regarding the issues and topics they post about. 

Sporty & Rich Wellness Club @sportyandrichwellnessclub

This account is based off of Emily Oberg’s clothing brand, Sporty & Rich. It is all about health and wellness. Her posts and links to the Sporty & Rich website gives you fun facts, tips, and advice on a plethora of health and wellness topics from sleep, foods and alcohol to books. 

Good News Movement @goodnews_movement

This is a journalist-run page for good news only. It’s very easy to get caught up in all the bad news occurring in the world. So, this account does a great job sourcing some of the good happening in the world every day in the hopes to remind us all that there’s always some good news in the world. They are also open to accepting submissions from anyone!

Tim Grover @timgrover

Tim Grover is a keynote speaker and a former trainer to Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Dwyane Wade. He is also the author of the bestselling book, RELENTLESS. His short videos and quotes always provide really great advice and motivation. 

Jim Carrey @jimcarreyhere

This famous actor’s Instagram is anything but full of pictures of himself and all his success. His account gives you simple but deep, meaningful quotes that really get you to take a pause and think for a moment.  

Melissa Wood – Tepperberg @melissawoodhealth

Melissa Wood Tepperberg is an influencer, blogger, and a yoga/pilates instructor. Aside from her health and wellness website where she provides workouts, recipes and walk through meditations, she does a really great job bringing pieces of her website on her Instagram. Plus, she shares clips of her adorable kids that show you what it’s like to be a boss businesswoman and a mom. 

The Local Optimist @localoptimist

The Local Optimist is a mental health resource by Madhappy. Madhappy is an optimistic lifestyle label with a goal to bring optimism into street style, moving away from your typical grungy, negative streetwear labels. They use their platform to raise awareness to mental health by interviewing mental health activists, sharing stories, providing awesome playlists and great resources. 

Kaysthetics3000 @kaysthetics3000

This Montreal-based graphic designer’s Instagram account is filled with her creative and artistic work. She uses her creativity to share really great quotes. Her posts also make the perfect iPhone wallpaper!


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