I love coffee. I love coffee so much that my parents and I would coffee shop hop instead of bar hop back home. As you may be able to tell, today, national coffee day, is of great importance to me. I remember the first sip of coffee I had when I was a child at the Hampton Inn in Lynwood, Washington; where my mom sat me down told me which buttons to press and how many Coffee-Mate hazelnut creamer pods to put in. I’ve had my fondest travel memories with coffee I’ve tasted so many varieties and have made so many different versions at home. 

However! I am not a coffee expert, and I’m not sure all of you have time to temperate the water, count the milligrams of coffee beans, buy a Chemix, and do whatever they do on those coffee youtube videos. But with my help, my beloved Keurig K-Café Single Serve Coffe – Latte & Cappuccino Maker, and my two AM brain, I came up with some tasty caffeinated concoctions, learned some tip and tricks, and found some products that would for sure save you some money! 


A cold brew pitcher 

If you love cold brew and love a routinely schedule, then invest in a cold brew pitcher! Ranging from $15-$30, a cold brew pitcher at home goes a long way. I used to brew a pitcher of cold brew each week, and it’d last me around eight cups of coffee. Just put in your 1:8 ration of grounds to water, let it sit overnight, and boom! Cold-brew in the palm of your hands. 


Ever get bored of your coffee staying the same all the time? I love getting a new syrup every month to test out. They go for around $15 for a large bottle and usually last you around a month to a month and a half. It’s perfect for a little bit of change in your cup. 

Milk frother 

Whether it be a fancy milk frother or a simple stick frother at the dollar store, frothed milk can go a long way! It adds some extra creaminess and more fun to your drink.



Salting your coffee is a game changer! I don’t know what it does, but I do know that my coffee tastes significantly better with it. 


Different milks enhance different flavours! I love oat milk and cold brew but prefer soy in lattes! 


A toddler’s mocha 

Mocha’s confuse me. Is it hot chocolate? Is it coffee? Why the name mocha? (I just searched this up and I retract this statement). There are just so many components to mochas that are just way. too. complicated. We don’t need this stressor in our lives. So, the way to make the best (but worst) version of a mocha? Hot chocolate powder. You heard that right coffee connoisseurs, prepare your tissue boxes because we are going to prepare my college kitchen version of a ‘mocha.’ Did you go to Costco and say, “look, Carnation hot chocolate powder is on sale, let’s get it!”, and now are stuck with a huge tub of cocoa powder? Add two scoops of it to your mug before pouring your freshly brewed coffee. Sprinkle a tiny bit of salt on and there you have it, perfection. 

Salted caramel cold brew 

Did you know that cold brew is actually super easy to make? I know, I was shocked too! What you need is a super large pitcher with a mesh filter, ground coffee beans of your choosing, and water. I also get the Torani caramel syrup on Amazon for $12 for added sweetness! To make the new Starbucks Salted Caramel Cold Brew, just follow your average cold brew instructions, foam up some heavy cream in a blender, add the caramel syrup in your cup, and salt the top of your drink!


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