Mission Street North

The abrupt end that came to Burrito Amigo in 2013 saw El Asador, at Princess Street and Brock Street; reign in, once again, as Kingston’s burrito king. However, last summer Mission Street North entered the scene, bringing with them a fresh, passionate take on the Mexican food game.

Untitled-3They now serve up what are undoubtedly Kingston’s best burritos (sorry, Asador diehards), as well as kick-ass fish tacos, and an assortment of other goodies. Even more impressive, this is all done within the confines of a food truck – Kingston is officially hip now.

Find them in The Spot parking lot between noon and 2:30PM. Closed on weekends and Wednesdays.

Oh yeah, they’ve also got fresh Churros.



Aji Sai

Don’t be deterred by the 54% rating on Urbanspoon, Aji Sai is an absolute gem, you just need to understand the game.

First off, Aji Sai does all-you-can-eat Japanese, and nothing else. It’s $13 for lunch and 10 dollars more for dinner. So yes, a hungover Sunday at around 1pm is the appropriate time to go.

The reason for the mixed reviews isn’t because of the food, which is actually quite decent, or the atmosphere, which is cool, open, and who’s music includes playing a peculiar loop of Akon and P!NK from the mid-2000’s. It’s because of the perception of poor service. As an all you-can-eat restaurant, Aji Sai stands a lot to lose by making frequent stops and taking orders.

They’ll take your order quickly the first time, and then actively ignore you as the eight-piece shrimp tempura you gorged on settles in your stomach.

It’s a game, so just speak up, do whatever it takes to get your server’s attention, and enjoy.

Head on down to 171 Ontario Street from 11am to 10pm, seven days a week.

Bring a team.


Pat’s Restaurant

Opened in 2009 by the legend that is Pat (the man originally behind Phnom Penh), Pat’s Restaurant serves Thai and Cambodian cuisine, and is frequented by Kingston’s considerable contingent of Thai food authorities.

Pat’s has a no-nonsense interior and a very friendly staff team, which is all you can want for at a place like this.

The menu is solid, the serving sizes large, and the prices more than fair.

But is it the best Thai and/or Cambodian Kingston has to offer? Maybe not, however, it is the kind of place you can’t go wrong at.

Give it a try Monday to Saturday between around noon and 9pm at 455 Princess Street. Go for one of the specials.

Warning: It’s been known to be difficult to be seated on Fridays and Saturdays for dinner.


The Pilot

If you’ve been to The Pilot before, you’ll probably know that they don’t attract the youngest crowd. You’ll also probably know that they have the best fish and chips in town.

With it’s cozy, dark interior, The Pilot has arguably more charm than any other sit-down restaurant in Kingston as well.

There really isn’t much more that needs to be said.

Drop by at the corner of King Street East and Johnson, open 11am to 2am, seven days a week.

Play it simple with hali and chips and a pint, no need to mess about here.




If there’s any restaurant, no, establishment in Kingston that deserves to be recognized for their service, it’s Submart.

As you enter, you’ll be greeted by the cheerful face of the owner, with whom you will chat as he carefully assembles your sub. Looking around, you’ll notice above the counter John, Paul, Ringo, and George smiling down at you as you wait for your $5 meatball foot long to come out of the toaster. Playing in the background is usually Hendrix or Deep Purple. Depends on the day.

The bottom line with Submart is that it really is “Your Family Sub Shop” – it’s the kind of place that can cheer you up, the kind of place where each sub is made with love.

Located across from Mac’s Milk at University and Princess, open Monday to Saturday 11am to 9pm, Sunday noon to 8pm.

Untitled-2Bon Appetite.

Yours Creatively,

Nick Perry, Online Contributor

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