It is crazy to think that we have been in a state of emergency since March. It seems as though wearing a mask and gloves, only leaving the house for essential needs, and keeping six feet apart has become the new normal. During this anxiety-ridden time, it has been easy to feel unwell, unmotivated, and scared. Perhaps there have even been times where you just wanted to stay in bed, curled up in a ball, scrolling through Instagram and not talking to anyone. We all have likely experienced these feelings to an extent at one point or another during this quarantine and that is okay. It is understandable and valid to be experiencing these emotions with so much uncertainty in the world. However, it is important to remember to take care of yourself and give yourself credit for what you are doing. After all, we are living through a global pandemic. 

Yes, COVID-19 has definitely taken away a lot of normalcy in our everyday life, but in return, it has given us a break from our fast-paced, consumer-orientated world and has allowed us to pay more attention to the little things in life. We have been gifted the time to be thankful and celebrate the world we live in and people that surround us each day in a different but special way. 

Amidst this global pandemic, there have been many significant events that have fallen in the quarantined months that deserve to be celebrated to the fullest. From Mother’s Day to Easter, to birthdays and graduations, to the Black Lives Matter movement and to Father’s Day – the list of momentous days goes on. During this time of uncertainty and fear, it may feel strange or wrong to celebrate these events, but the moments of joy that come from celebrating is even more important during this time. Just because we cannot go out, does not mean we cannot celebrate – make the most of your quarantined time!

Without COVID-19, there would not be as much focus on these celebratory and significant events, it would almost be lost in the background of our crazy, busy lives. With the time that this global pandemic has given us, we now have the time to focus and celebrate the things and people we love. Despite how COVID-19 has made our world different, it does not mean that celebrations are cancelled. Sometimes a different perspective can be useful for us, as it can take us out of our comfort zone and forces us to grow in different ways.    

You have the power to spread love and joy during this scary time and show the people you love that celebrating and sharing those joyous moments is what will help us get through this time. Instead of buying a cake, make one from scratch. This year, instead of buying a card with a prewritten message, create one and write the message from your heart. Support your local businesses by ordering food from your favourite neighbourhood restaurant and enjoying it with the people you are quarantining with. 

Celebrations during this time may look and feel a little different. There may be fewer people involved and less public outings, but no matter what you are celebrating, try to make the most of it. Get creative with your approach to celebrations this year. Do something that makes you or the person you are celebrating smile. What’s something you have always wanted to do for yourself or someone else but never had the time to do? Now is the time. However, I also understand that this time can be extremely overwhelming, confusing, and perhaps painful for some. Consequently, it can be important to keep some normalcy when celebrating. Maybe just getting dressed up for the occasion (believe me your quarantine fit will not miss you) or taking some cute photos with your quarantine family can relieve some anxiety you are having about the world’s current situation. Whatever your celebration traditions are, try to keep them, but do not be afraid to branch out and make some new ones! Try having a virtual get together with family and friends on Google Hangouts, Skype, Facetime, or Zoom. Or if you are able, plan a family and friends drive-by visit to your house or theirs (obviously keeping with the social distancing rules in place) as  I know we are all missing seeing the faces of the people we love in person. It is truly these small acts of kindness that can make someone’s celebratory day special, and there is no better time than to do it now. Especially with the weather getting more beautiful, it is becoming easier to have social distance visits outdoors, safely.  

Throughout all of craziness, remember that you are not alone. Your feelings of fear and uncertainty are valid, but do not let them take control over you. Just remember that this global pandemic will not last forever. So, regardless of how you choose to celebrate your special events this year, seize the day, and celebrate the things and people you love! Try to make some new special memories or traditions during this time, and spread the joy! The little things we do now will allow us to look back at this overwhelming time with fond memories. 

There will be a time again when this global pandemic is over and being six feet apart will no longer be necessary. However, as our quarantine comes to a close I hope we keep with us the lessons we learned and the memories we made. May we let this time be a reminder that when our lives get busy, we must make time to enjoy the little things and make every celebration special.  

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