Self Help’s Bad Reputation

Reading self help doesn’t have to be about changing your life. It can be about hearing another viewpoint on a topic and gaining a little more knowledge. It can also be about being moved by the experiences of others and valuing their opinions.

The Best Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

October is my favourite time of year. Fall weather is at it’s peak, it’s 100% cute hat and scarf season, and most importantly it’s Halloween.

What to Expect for Halloween

Before giving you a run down of the easiest last minute costumes early next week, MUSE has compiled a list of what to expect this Halloween.

The Top Fall Beauty Trends to Look out for this Season

After a summer full of glow, illumination, and so many insane product releases we’re all thinking there’s no possible way that Fall could beat this Summer’s make-up trends. Well think again! After Fashion Month, we saw the introduction of some beautiful new beauty trends that I know I’m dying to try.

3 Easy DIYs for Homecoming!

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6 Ways to Make Your Room the Best Hang Out

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Dissecting Veganism: What is an ethical lifestyle?

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Taking the $ out of $ummer

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Summer 2017 Drink Bucketlist (For Those Who Think They’ve Tried Them All)

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