Whether strapped into my car seat on long road trips or in my highchair at the dinner table, my parents played all kinds of music for me to jam out to as a kid. I remember when I was younger my parents had a few cupboards dedicated to their CD collection. Although CD’s are pretty much dead, this playlist is dedicated to the music found in those cupboards.
This playlist is inspired by early memories of being in the car with my Mum or Dad; listening to U2, ABBA, and Queen.  My favourite song by far to listen to during car rides was “Hey Ya!” by OutKast. Partially because of the catchiness of Andre 3000’s verses but mostly for the refrain near the end of the song, “shake it like a polaroid picture.” According to my dad, I’d be shaking my hands like crazy whenever he’d put on the OutKast CD and that song would come on.
It is also important to note that this playlist would not have been possible without the help of the MUSE team who sent in the songs that their parents played for them as a kid.
Without further ado … CAR SEAT TUNES


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