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Is summer style cleaning out your bank account? Are you looking for ways to look glam on a budget? We get it- your next Euro-trip isn’t going to pay for itself, and saving money isn’t on everyone’s resume. Well, living your broke and boujee student life just got a little easier. Keep reading to learn how to vamp up your wardrobe and create your favourite accessories without blowing your entire pay check at Urban to keep up with the latest trends.



Image courtesy of Trish Uy

How much are you LOVING Rihanna’s Fenty fur slides? It’s no secret, they’re a little pricey, but why not enjoy this style without feeling guilty about dropping a excess amount of dollar’s? Make your way over to your nearest Wal-Mart, Michael’s, or even the dollar store and pick out a pair slides, some trusty crazy glue, and craft fur of your choice. Simply glue the fur onto your no-name slides, tussle up and trim the fur a little, and enjoy your new look!


DIY Chokers


Image courtesy of Wonderful DIY

Looks like this 90’s trend isn’t going anywhere. Chokers are expensive, and they add up when you’re constantly making your way down to Forever21 to find the perfect one to go with your new bodysuit. Visit any craft or fabric store near you and pick out any lace, mesh, or jewelled fabric. All you need is some classic lobster clasps to secure your new choker to your neck and your look is complete. Now you have completely wear-able DIY chokers for half the price of your favourite retailer.

Still too difficult? Check out your local craft store for gold or suede cords. All you need to do is cut and tie the cord as you please to make it wearable. $20 for a suede bowed choker? Nice try, Urban Outfitters.

DIY Gucci Embroidered Denim Pants



Image courtesy of Free People

We are OBSESSED with Gucci’s decorative elements. Good thing for you, hand embroidered craftsmanship comes cheap. At least, it can be found for cheap. Fabric stores, craft stores, and even retailers like Forever21 and Etsy sell embroidered patches for purposes like this. Find your patch, and sew or super glue your embroidered patch onto your favourite jeans or denim jacket for a personalized look.


DIY Embroidered Sneakers


Image courtesy of Female Mag

Trying for a sportier look? Re-vamp your white Adidas, Converse, or Vans with embroidered elements. The concept is the same here: Find your patch, cut to fit, and super glue to your shoes.


Small changes in your spending habits can go a long way. Saving can be hard, especially when you have an eye for fashion. But personalizing your look is half the fun.


Yours creatively,

Serene Nekoui

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