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Rachel, Phoebe and Monica have had some iconic outfits throughout the ten season long run of Friends. Between Rachel’s business casual, Monica’s cute cardigans and Phoebe’s…well everything Phoebe wears is pretty memorable, we have a lot of outfit inspiration to go around. That said, season one ALONE displays some of the characters’ best 90’s outfits and can certainly be modernized for 2017. Scroll through to look at some their coolest looks AND where you can get them to put into your own closet!


The One Where She Doesn’t Marry Barry (Season 1 Episode 1)

I think if I had just left someone at the altar I wouldn’t be able to put together as good an outfit as Rachel did here. It’s easy, breezy as Rachel readies to jumpstart her new independent life. Find a shirt like hers at Urban and the jeans at Frank and Oak!



“Paolo is a jerk but at least I have this coat to keep me warm” (Season 1 Episode 11)

You can read my feelings on Paolo above BUT this coat is amazing. Perfectly oversized and warm that you can put almost any shirt or dress underneath it and have a styling and toasty outfit (and without a Paolo-type of person in your life, hopefully). Get your own Artizia tank here and top it off with an Olive coat.


Knitwear 5ever (Season 1 Episode 8)

Knitwear remains unchanging from decade to decade. The best investments are “forever knits” that last from the time you’re twenty to the time you’re fifty. If Monica was still gracing our T.V. screens she would probably still be rocking this sweater. Check out Topshop’s knits to get your own.


Brandy Melville circa 1994 (Season 1 Episode 3)

Mon is 10/10 wearing an outfit that we would see around today (we’ve been saying and saying but the 90’s are back to stay). For the warmer fall days pairing an easy crop with a comfortable and airy pair of pants is the best way to take advantage of the last bits of heat before it gets real cold (brace yo-self). And although you could probably recreate this look at Brandy, check out this H&M shirt and Urban Outfitters pants- unreal.



How Many Layers Did a Layer Layer? (Season 1 Episode 10)

Nobody can argue that Phoebe was the queen of layering. In any given episode she is seen with a vest over a blouse or a button down shirt over a dress; the layering never stops! This is a perfect way to tackle cold mornings and warm afternoons or a warm day with a strong chilly breeze, basically any moment where you have no idea what is appropriate to wear. Try a Mango blouse under an Urban vest and finish it off with an Aritzia skirt to get the look!


An Iconic Vest to Match an Iconic Line (Season 1 Episode 1)

Although it’s only the first episode, Phoebe has already delivered what will go down as one of her best lines in the history of Friends and of course she delivered it in the most 90’s denim vest one has ever clapped eyes on. #Iconic

Nordstrom has a dress that 2017 Phoebe might slip into under a Guess vest.


And if none of these looks are keeping you warm in the colder days of fall you can always go with this look from Joey!


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