We think it’s safe to say that we can all forget about Kim Kardashian’s Paper magazine cover, and give Beyoncé credit for being the one to #BREAKTHEINTERNET. This Friday, Beyoncé released a selfie-style, hotel party music video for her track “7/11”, featuring everything you need— and by everything, we mean close ups of Beyoncé twerking.

Although the song sounds like Beyoncé had a little too much fun on garage band auto-tuning her voice, we’re willing to forgive her— mainly because the sound goes perfectly with the shot of Beyoncé throwing dice on her back-up dancer’s derriere.

If you still need another reason to watch this life changing video, hear this: Yoncé, and co. show all of us regular people what it means to have fun, featuring weird designer clothes, lavish hotel rooms, and a lot of booty. Now, if you’re the type to enjoy sitting in your room watching Netflix on a Friday night, holding a red solo cup and spilling it makes it a thousand times more Beyoncé. Extra points if you throw dice on the keyboard.

The video then progresses to spread Christmas cheer, with Beyoncé jumping out of a massive cardboard box (thus proving she is the greatest gift of all). The final few seconds of the video take us to a mirrored room of just Beyoncé, who is spinning around in selfie formation in an attempt to hypnotize us into buying the re-release of her album. Well B, jokes on you because we would have bought these new tracks anyway.

Watch the video here

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Michael Kirreh, Online Contributor

Photo: Tumblr

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