We all have our weird habits, whether that be in what order we eat M&Ms or how we wash our laundry, but some habits are weirder than others. We asked, and you answered: what’s the weirdest habit you have? We also responded to some of these submissions in our podcast: give it a listen below, or anywhere you get your podcasts!


I have to put on hand sanitizer before bed or I can’t sleep! – 3rd Year

I go for runs when I get drunk – 2nd Year

I eat peanut butter and eggs. – 4th Year

Uber Eats – 3rd Year

I stalk the boys that I like or am talking to on snap map – 3rd Year

Washing my pet rock collection. – 4th Year

I like to eat cheese that’s wrapped up in ham with a piece of onion, it makes a great snack! – 2nd Year

Licking my chips before I eat them. – 4th Year

My walk to school has to be the same. – 3rd Year

Watching Matt Damon movies frequently. – 1st Year

If i get really stressed out, I’ll go sit in my closet on the floor for a couple of minutes to calm down! – 4th Year

Getting involved with petty girls from Toronto. – 3rd year

Clenching my fist like the Arthur meme when I pass slow walkers. – 4th Year

I tried spring rolls for the first time in second year and got obsessed. Bought out the entire stock at food basics (16 boxes- hey they were on sale!) I then filled our entire freezer with spring rolls and had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 weeks. My housemates staged an intervention and hosted a spring roll party to clear out our freezer. – 4th Year

Does sleeping with the wrong people count as a bad habit? – 3rd Year

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