Exams have been written, grad caps have been tossed, boxes have been moved, leases have been signed, vaccines are being dispersed and the pier is still closed. 

But what stays consistent? Amazing music. As this school year comes to a close, let’s catch up on some great music releases that you might have missed. 


Sunflower – Briston Maroney 

Taking the world by storm with his hit single, “Freakin Out at the Interstate”, Briston Maroney finally releases his debut album, “Sunflower’. “Sunflower” is the perfect summer album for driving down a highway late at night (picture the tunnel scene in Perks of Being a Wallflower). If you like jamming out to Wallows, Rex Orange County, or Peach Pit, this album is perfect for you. Two amazing songs on the album are Sinkin’ and Why.



Roadrunner; New Light, New Machine – Brockhampton 

Did you hear that right? Did BROCKHAMPTON just release an album? After two long years of merely holding onto the perfection that was GINGER, Brockhampton explores themes of dealing with suicide and sexuality in its new tracks. It’s hard to imagine that there’s only one more album with this group but that just makes this album more important than ever. Songs to look out for on this album are The Light and What’s the Occasion. 



If i could make it go quiet – Girl in Red (stylized girl in red)

Before this past month, the only Girl in Red song I knew was we fell in love in october and that was purely due to my Tik Tok addiction. Her debut album uniquely acts as her journal for things that have happened this past year. girl in red tells her story of reacting to the newfound fame, dealing with intrusive thoughts, and grasping at the concept of love. This album is perfect for laying on the floor in a pitch-black room, staring at the ceiling and having those cool starry galaxy lights on. Try listening to hornylovesickness and . on this album.


McCartney III Imagined – Paul McCartney 

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down and listened to a McCartney album that didn’t include George, Ringo, and John. McCartney III Imagined introduces new and upcoming artists and allows for them to present Paul’s songs from a different perspective. Have a listen to McCartney III and McCartney III Imagined, to see the differences! Some artists featured in this album include Dominic Fike, Phoebe Bridgers, Beck, and more. Debatably some of the best songs on this album are – The Kiss of Venus by Dominic Fike and Seize the Day by Phoebe Bridgers. 


King of the Basement – Ryan Woods 

Starting off strong with two hit singles, “Bad Texter” and “how i’m feeling”, Ryan Woods debuts with his ultimate bedroom pop album. These songs make you want to run across campus at three am (safely!) and just jam out in the middle of the (empty!) road. Major main character vibes. If you like rocking out to Conan Gray, David Hugo, or Troye Sivan, this will be a blast. Some of my favourites of this album are  THE FRIEND SPACE and King of the Basement



Bloom Baby Bloom – Haiva Ru 

A newly introduced artist to me this month, Haivu Ru’s soft indie-pop album soothes the soul and the ears. With little tidbits of sax sprinkled in her music, this album perfectly encapsulates a spring picnic during golden hour. Get out your Metro cake, dollar store wine glasses, and Barefoot Pink Moscato out for this one. If you like dreaming to Phoebe Bridgers, Clairo, or Billie Eillish, check out Haiva Ru! Songs to keep an eye out for from this album are Work It On Out and Oh, But Lover.



All the Ways We Are Together – Dreamer Boy 

Dreamer Boy’s new album lives up exactly to his stage name. “All the Ways We Are Together” has an ethereal ambiance that makes you feel like you’re floating in the skies above. Exploring the ideals of love, Dreamer Boy shares his personal experiences with falling in love with his best friend. If you love COIN, The Japanese House, or Beach House, have a listen to Easier Said than Done and Best of Me.









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