Remember the days of Blackberries? Yeah, I don’t either, and with iPhones you can download the BBM App so that you don’t need to. That being said, one of the best things about iPhones, and Androids, is the huge range of Apps you can download through them.

I won’t list Tinder here, because I’m sure you all have at least dabbled in that App by now; instead, here are a list of the top ten best Apps for students, to make your hectic University lives a little bit easier, safer, or even just more fun:


1. Afterlight


With over 50 filters (including some made specifically for each season), over 60 textures, and over 70 frames, this App is worth spending on. If you have ever gone on Instagram and wondered how a friend’s photos manage to look so professionally done, you now have your answer.

 Price: $0.99


2. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)


Seriously… sleep if you can. And if you can, I’ll be impressed. Alarmy makes the user take a picture of a pre-determined household object (for example, your fridge downstairs or the bathroom sink) in order to turn the alarm clock off. Once you have this app, you will never miss an 8:30 AM lecture again!

Price: $1.99


3. AroundMe


Though not the most glamorous, this App is exceedingly useful. It locates your position and then shows you anything from the closest gas station to the nearest bank. Whether you’re on the road in unfamiliar territory and looking for some breakfast, or are out at night and want to head to a nearby bar, this App will never fail you.

Price: Free


4. Balanced



Aptly sub-titled “Master Your Life”, this App is my personal favorite. Once downloaded, it allows you to set goals that wouldn’t normally make it to a to-do list, such as “meditate”, “go on a walk”, or “reflect on past memories,” reminding you when you have neglected one for too long. When university life gets hectic, you can rely on this app to keep you sane.

Price: Free


5. Circle of 6


This app provides students with another way to stay safe on campus. Circle of 6 allows you to list six contacts you will be able to contact with just the click of a button during an emergency situation, with your GPS location included. A recommended download to help you feel safe during late-night walks on campus!

Price: Free


6. Flipboard



This app is the ultimate way to stay informed, according to your interests. It allows you to add the publications you like best, and then gradually compile a personal magazine based on the articles you click, as well as what friends post. Think Pinterest purely for magazine and news articles- you’ll never be bored while waiting for the bus to West Campus again!

Price: Free


7. MyFitnessPal


Once you’ve created your own profile, this app can definitely come in handy during your trips to the ARC. It allows you to record meals and exercises on a day-to-day basis, and create your own customized goals to follow. Where I find this App really shines is when it comes to exercise- it can help you to create workouts that will fit your routine best, and has 350 pre-set exercises of it’s own. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket- for free!

Price: Free


8. QuizUp


If you’re a competitive person, be warned that you will become addicted to this app. It covers over 250 topics from movie types to children’s novels, and allows you to compete with random players around the world in a quiz Battle Royale. You can move up levels based on how many quizzes you have won, and can even see where you rank in your country compared to other players (and there’s no shame in being way down in the thousands… ahem).

Price: Free


9. RetailMeNot


This one is for all my shopaholics. Once you download this app, you gain access to coupons and deals to all your favorite stores. Automatic alerts are sent whenever a new coupon for a store nearby comes out, or when they are about to expire- perfect for the shopping addict who’s on a student budget.

Price: Free


10. Viber


Best friends on exchange? Family far away from Kingston? Save yourself the long distance charges and download Viber, which gives you free texting and calling, anywhere in the world. Just tell your friends and family to download it as well, and you’ll be able to reach each other without feeling like you’re taking out another student loan.

Price: Free


Yours Creatively,

Jaclyn Marcus, Online Contributor


 Images: Google, W Magazine







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