We would like to reissue an apology for an error made in our April Issue. Our contributor Yasmine Kanso’s article “Representation in Fashion” was edited incorrectly. Her original words were “personally, I have never considered myself as born disabled” and they were altered to “personally, I wasn’t born with a disability.” The editor failed to show Kanso her final edits for confirmation before publishing. This error was not corrected upon the publishing date. Yasmine Kanso identifies as a Disabled Arab woman and as a publication that values inclusivity, equity, and diversity, we honour her words. Kanso’s intention was to advocate for a world that is accepting of her disability. We apologize for altering her message.

The MUSE team, takes full accountability for this mistake. This year, we have enforced a strict policy in allowing our contributors to read their work before being published by our editors.

We understand the level of distress we put our contributor through considering this editing error is in print. For an accurate insight into Yasmine Kanso’s article, please go to our online issue, which has been corrected. All future print copies of our issue will also have a correction.

We will continue to advocate for diversity and equity and engage in continuous (un)learning.

The MUSE Executive Team

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