Who is Miley Cyrus? Once the budding little Hannah Montana, Cyrus is now attempting to pull off chic masculine with a sexy twist. Cyrus bid farewell to her teen queen image, chopping off her wavy reddish locks with celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan (the man who gave Jennifer Aniston “the Rachel” cut).

Miley tweeted “Never felt more me in my whole life” in defense of her controversial haircut. As her hair got shorter and blonder, her style got a lot more daring. She ditched her cutsie California-girl image in favor of a fierce new look. Along with getting engaged to handsome Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, this was the year of punk rock chic for 20-year-old Miley.

Becoming a teen idol overnight with a hit show, sellout concerts and every sort of consumer product imaginable, the young star appeared to be the perfect role mode for the Disney demographic. While it’s not unusual for young adults to grow into different styles as they mature, Miley’s 180 caught everyone particularly off-guard.

No stranger to shocking her fans, beginning with her back-bearing 2008 Vanity Fair photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz, it became clear that Miley was over her good girl reputation. Once the bun-chop and dye job was heard around the world, Miley started live-tweeting her transformation. Her self-confidence exudes through her new ‘do, which seems to have influenced her in creating an entirely different style – dressing sassier and edgier to perfectly show off her hottie-pilates bod and confident attitude. She spent half of the year sporting her topknot along with an already fiery style but once the knot was chopped, she went full force grunge-chic to compliment the platinum blonde faux hawk and is usually seen wearing raggedy cutoffs, chunky gold jewellery and Doc Martens.

It seems quite possible that all Miley needed was one last push in order to fully embrace her spunky spirit through the hair and wardrobe she now rocks. Few celebrity transformations have been as stark or as quick as Miley Cyrus’s. In 12 months, the 20-year-old has completely ditched her squeaky-clean Disney image in lieu of a look more punkster-chic, and if you ask me, she is killing it! Rock on Miley!

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Jenna Demchuk, Fashion Contributor  

Image: The Wall Paper HD 

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