MUSE Magazine is an outlet for the creatives of Queen’s University

Est. 2012

Conceived in CoGro as an ambitious dream scribbled on a few pieces of lined paper, MUSE Magazine emerged as the brainchild of three artistically enthusiastic students: “Z, T, & C. ” Our first issue, named The Explosion, was launched in February 2011. The main purpose of MUSE at its very core is to exist as a tribute to the innovative, the unique, the fashion-forward, and the stylistically creative. It is a nod of gratitude to those who break the mould and expose beauty in places we may overlook in our daily student adventure.

MUSE seeks to build a creative community and provide a medium for all creative releases, whether for contributors, readers, listeners, and/or event attendees. With that being said, we are committed to equitable representation and access in our team, audience, and community initiatives; we don’t discriminate based on gender, size, ethnicity, ability, age, or class. 

Over the eleven year since this magazine began, MUSE has grown to have a team of 102 members, published 22 editorial print issues, and continues to be the go-to home of creativity at Queen’s University. In 2022, our team engaged in a deep reflection of MUSE’s relationship to the world over these eleven years. As such, our team has been working to produce a new online media platform that we believe best represents MUSE’s evolved presence as it continuously strives to push artistic boundaries and conventions. 

We are humbled to present to you a new and improved MUSE Magazine; one that best captures the essence of our contributors and our audience, and works to bring you the most relatable and enjoyable content.