Dear MUSE Community, 

It is with a heavy heart that we have watched the events of the past week unfold. While for many in our community, the violence of the past couple of weeks has been a news story, for many others, it is a painful reality. It is a privilege to live without fear of violence, one that we acknowledge that many of us at MUSE have. 

With this in mind, MUSE has decided to take a break from posting our regular content online for the time being as we listen, read, and watch the events unfolding around us. While we recognize that the fight for racial justice will continue long after we resume our regular posting schedule, this short break feels right to our team as we educate ourselves on this issue and allow others to dominate the conversation. As always, if you have something to say we encourage you to reach out to [email protected]

If you are able, below is a short (and by no means exhaustive) list of funds and organizations to donate to. All donations are meaningful, and we hope that you will consider doing what you can. 

Toronto Protestor Bail Fund

– to support protestors arrested in Toronto

Justice for Regis

– to support the family of Regis Korchinski Paquet while they seek justice for their loved one

George Floyd Memorial Fund

– to support the family of George Floyd while they seek justice for their loved one

Minnesota Freedom Fund

– to support protestors arrested in Minnesota

Black Lives Matter

– to support a global movement to end white supremacy

Campaign Zero

– to support an organization dedicated to researching policy solutions to end police brutality in the United States

Know Your Rights Camp

– to support the education and empowerment of black and brown communities and presently, to provide legal assistance to those arrested in Minnesota


With love,



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