My student apartment is no longer sweltering, I drank three Salted Caramel Mochas from Starbucks this week, and I’m frequently inclined to listen to Taylor Swift’s album Red. This can only mean one thing: Fall is coming.

Fall should be seen as the height of fashion when it comes to seasons. From the perfectly chilly weather allowing for light layers, to the changing leaves offering the perfect colour palette, the style possibilities are infinite. While blue jeans are a summer staple, it’s evident that Picnic Bitch season is over and Autumn Witch season has begun.

“Picnic Bitch season is over, and Autumn Witch season has begun.”

It’s time to put your basic mom jeans and white t-shirt at the back of your closet, because we owe it to fashion’s best season to step up our game —I’ve compiled a season’s worth of fashion ideas to turn your old blue jeans into old news.

As my pals said when I showed up to class in my corduroy trousers, “it’s pants season”. Not jeans, but pants—in all cuts and colours. Personally, one of my favourite trends is turning business attire into everyday wear. I love high-waisted flare trousers. Not only do they make your legs look a million miles long, but they instantly make your outfit look more sophisticated. Dress them up with a button up, or simply pair them with a black t-shirt.

If flare isn’t your thing, paperbag pants and chinos are always classic options. Pair them with an oversized graphic tee that reflects your personality, and add a blazer or cardigan for an extra dimension. Side note: if you’re ever feeling like your outfit is unfinished, add a blazer.

“If you’re ever feeling like your outfit is unfinished, add a blazer.”

Moreover, don’t be afraid of patterns and textures this season. Plaid pants are one of my favourite creations —they’re like chic pyjamas. Tuck a brightly-coloured chunky sweater into dark blue/green plaid pants for a classic look, or wear a dark oversized band tee with red/black plaid pants for an edgier look. The combinations are endless.

If you’re feeling bold, try completely monochromatic outfits —when your whole outfit shares one colour palette or, as I’m encouraging, exactly the same colour. This look is an instant statement, and your outfit will automatically feel more put together. Try safer options like black, before embracing your inner pumpkin.

When it comes to textures, nothing says Fall ‘19 more than leather. Rocking my faux leather pants and a plain grey sweater, I may look like I put a lot of thought into my look when I really just wanted to be warm. Of course, this season is notorious for its unpredictable temperatures so if it’s still too hot for leather pants, opt for shorts —pair with some leopard print booties (also a big print this season) and a black turtleneck to achieve off-duty model status.

For those who aren’t ready for pants season yet, skirts are the vibe. Plaid miniskirts are timeless pieces that can be paired with sheer tights and over-the-knee boots in cold weather. Midi A-line skirts give a vintage elegant feel as they flow with the autumn winds. If you’re really missing a beloved floral or polka-dotted dress, fear not —they can be worn in fall! Pair those patterns with heavier pieces, or try to find them in darker colour schemes so they can be easily transitioned into the season.

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