Issue VII: 7 Things To Look For

Issue VII: 7 Things To Look For

MUSE1After a semester filled with long meetings, lots of laughs, late nights, rap battles, and countless cups of coffee, we’ve managed to get our shit together and present you—our awesome readers—with the product of our blood, sweat, and tears: MUSE Issue VII.

To prepare you for the launch of MUSE’s Lucky Number Seven, we compiled a list of seven things to look forward to in our latest issue.

1. Fresh new perspectives: From an unconventional look at Queen’s party culture, to discussing Freudian theories of projection, read about our perspectives on anything and everything.

2. Fierce Editorials: Our MUSE models werk so hard, it would make Tyra proud.

3. Profiles on Profiles: You’ll be seeing some famous faces in Issue VII and be getting to know your favourite celebrities in a different capacity than the typical gossip column.

4. Let’s Talk About Sex: We’ll be answering the most personal of questions from our readers.

5. Homegrown Queen’s Talent: Whether it’s in the art studios of Ontario Hall, or in the camera of that guy you see studying at CoGro, MUSE will manifest our goal to expose raw talent that exists right here on campus.

6. Meet the MUSE Team: Curious about the faces behind the pages? You’ll know who we are by the end of the issue.

7. And last but not least, YOU! MUSE would be nothing without our readers and so we’ve included pictures of you guys (can I get a #loco4hoco?) and creative content that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Make sure to pick up a copy of MUSE Issue VII on Thursday November 21, 2013. It’s free and always will be, so what are you waiting for?


Yours creatively,

Emma Hoffman, Editor-in-chief  + The MUSE team

Images: MUSE magazine, Issue VII

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