BY CARLING FRASER                                                                      ONLINE CONTRIBUTOR

With November and its assignments coming to an end and exams rearing their heads, it’s time to buckle down. If you’re looking to organize anything from errands to academics this semester, have no fear. The following arsenal of apps will help bring order to your life.


If you find yourself buying a planner at the start of each school year, but your pen never seems to touch its paper, a digital to-do list app is for you. Wunderlist is great for creating to-do lists on your phone and computer. Simply enter items into the app and it will send reminders to your email when each to-do is due. You can also categorize your tasks to break down your to-do list by type, class or anything else you’d like. While the app lets you look at your tasks day by day, you can also choose to see your entire week at a glance, preventing any surprise deadlines from popping up. Suddenly essays and assignments don’t feel so spooky!



If you’re an easily distracted studier, 30/30 will schedule your study time into segments, helping you stay on task. The 30/30 home screen displays specific tasks and the times you’ve set to do them, seamlessly shifting you from reading to running errands without wasting time. Once you start, the app will count down the minutes that you have left to finish and notify you when it’s time to move onto something new. If you’re on the clock, you’re less likely to slack off.



When it comes to your debit and credit card, its best to use an app before you tap. Goodbudget is a finance app that allows you to digitally organize your money using the envelope budgeting system. On Goodbudget, you can create up to 10 envelopes to organize your funds, so that you know exactly how much money you have to spend on what. Goodbudget also provides a breakdown of your expenses using charts and graphs, so that you can keep track of your spending habits.


AnyList is the app you need if you’re looking to stay on top of groceries this school year. AnyList has an edge when it comes to grocery lists because it automatically organizes each item you enter into categories such as produce, snacks, meat, beverages and more. Categorizing your grocery list means you can shop based on the layout of your local grocery store, picking up items as you encounter them. This makes shopping more efficient and shaves off time spent at the store. The app also allows you to share your list with your housemates, so that no one in your house will have an excuse for forgetting to pick something up!


175x175bb-1Sleep Cycle

The first step to getting organized is getting enough sleep. In the thick of the semester, it’s important to have a solid sleep schedule and stick to it, so that you’re not groggy when you’re supposed to grind. Sleep Cycle uses sleep analytics to help you set the right bedtime, track how well you slumber, and wake you up at the ideal moment. Just remember: when you put yourself to bed, put down your phone too! While apps are great for day use, it’s important that they don’t keep you up at night.



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