It seems like winter has come back again and is ready to screw things up for all of us. Don’t get me wrong, I admire winter’s beauty from afar when I’m in my apartment with the heat on and drinking a cup of tea. However, when the time comes for me to leave my house and I am forced to put on my ugly winter boots, I become apprehensive. Winter in Kingston has always been my style buzz-kill; walking to campus and back home with my hood completely covering my face can be demotivating. To help avoid that, here are three tips to help you remain stylish this season:

1. Invest in a turtleneck. They are huge in menswear right now and it doesn’t hurt that they keep you warm. You won’t have to carry around the extra bulk of a scarf and you’ll elevate your style game by a hundred points without any real effort.

image 1

2. Layer unexpectedly. If you’re not in the mood to wear your winter jacket and miss the days of a more fashion-forward coat, grab a longer length coat and layer a denim jacket with a warm knit under it. If it’s extra cold, wear a beanie and drape a scarf over your outfit.

image 2

Be careful though, this could easily go from cool to looking like that time Joey wore all of Chandler’s clothes:


3. My final tip is for those who find it hard to give up their lazy day clothes. I get it, I’ve worn a tracksuit two times this week and it’s only Wednesday. Take athleisure to the next level and try wearing a more tailored tracksuit that comes off as more of a fashion statement than just wearing your gross old sweats to class. If you feel like the pants may be a bit too light for winter, wear a thermal layer under (no one will know).

image 3

Stay warm, man.

Yours creatively,

Michael Kirreh, Creative Assistant

Images: Robert Spangle, Youngjun Koo, Kirstin Sinclair

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