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That’s right folks, our favourite time of year is fast approaching: HOMECOMING!  I can already hear the music blaring from Aberdeen; the frosh yelling “OH WE FEEL SO GOOD”; smell the beer and pancakes in the air… Not only is it a day for celebrating our beloved returning Alumni, but it is a day for celebration in general: we are halfway through the semester! And what better way to celebrate then spending a whole day drinking with your friends, celebrating your school in tri-colour and cheering on the varsity football team?

Now despite this day being all fun and games, preparation can be stressful. We have to plan out what were wearing, what accessories we will be using to accentuate our outfits, buy face paint, glitter, high socks, new make-up etc. MUSE doesn’t want you to stress this year so we are bringing to you some easy, DIY Homecoming tricks and tips to make your day and preparation go as smoothly as possible.


1. DIY Tri-Colour Hair Bows!

What better way to add some tri-colour spirit to your look then by making your own chic felt hair bow? Every year a DIY craft session is held in Leonard Hall where anyone can attend and make their own hair bow, clip, headband, etc. It sure beats spending $15-$20 on a pre-made bow from Tri-Colour Outlet or American Apparel (RIP), especially for our budget-hunting Gaels!

2. DIY Knee-Highs (or calf-length) Tricolour Style!

This trend is for anyone who is looking to add a little more tri-colour jazz to their outfit. I have seen quite the few gals AND guys wearing cute knee-highs of either one or two of the colours but rarely a full tri-colour style because who makes socks with all three colours?! Well I’m here to tell you that you can make your own cute tricolour socks for under $10! That’s right, UNDER $10! Head on over to our local Dollarama or Dollar Tree and purchase some dolla dolla white socks of your length choice, along with glitter, glue, tape, markers, and whatever else catches your eye and VOILA you’ve got yourself an easy DIY tricolour sock kit. Here’s a few easy steps to creating your perfect tri-colour sock accessory.


  1. Lay your socks down flat on the ground and apply tape in a thin line horizontally across the top half of the sock to create lines going down.
  2. Once the tape is in place in the design you want (doesn’t have to be typical tube sock horizontal lines, could be a Q outline for one and maybe a U (so cute) grab the glue and place it wherever you want the tricolour add-on colours to go.
  3. Once the glue is applied, immediately apply the glitter, markers, etc. to the area for stick and leave to dry for 20-30 min.
  4. Remove the tape once dry and you’ll have your own cute DIY homecoming socks!

3. DIY Tricolour Makeup!


For all my make-up lovers in the Queen’s community (and beyond if you are attending Queen’s HOCO) there is a possibility to do some wild and fun tri-colour makeup without looking crazy! The above look for the eyes and lips was done using Colourpop’s amazing range of wild colours in supershock shadows. Unfortunately, their neon supershock shadows have been discontinued but the company has already produced new products very similar with great colour pay off. Not only could you do something like the look above, but you could also take a red-toned blush and go festival-style on your cheekbones bringing the colour up above your brow bone as a sort of tri-colour highlight! Pop on some yellow/gold highlighter and you have a cute HOCO face make-up look as an alternative for a HOCO Eye look.



  1. Come Clean Super Shock Shadow– This shadow is the perfect dupe for the colour used above in the Yellow tone. With a sparkle added in this shadow is a beautiful addition for an eye/highlight in the tricolour range!
  2. Tiki Pressed Powder– If you are not a fan of shimmer on the eyes, Tiki is the perfect yellow shade for your eyes! I would suggest using it as a base for the tri colour look, as it is lighter and a darker crease tends to work better when blending in with lighter colours.
  3. Two Piece and Backseat Pressed Powder– these are two beautiful blue shimmery shades that would compliment Tiki or Come Clean amazingly in a tricolour eye look. Two piece is darker more navy, with Backseat being a lighter, almost greyish blue tone.
  4. Modern Renaissance, Shade Red Ochre– Now I haven’t been able to find a red shade in a single with enough colour pay off to be a bright, cherry tri-colour red so my best suggestion would be to use the colour Red Ochre from Modern Renaissance. It is a beautiful rustic red that would blend just as well.
  5. Creeper Liquid Lip– at $6 USD, this red lip is a STEAL! IT is the one used in the picture above, and who can argue that this is arguably one of the most gorgeous red lips ever. It is not drying, long-lasting, and bright and the perfect match for a tricolour lip!

For more questions don’t be afraid to reach out or do some of your own research on drugstore brands for tri-colour make-up! L’oreal, NYX, and Maybelline all have fun, bright eye products in eyeliners, shadows, lipsticks, etc. if you’re looking for a popping tricolour makeup look. Head on over to Shoppers and get looking!


That’s all I’ve got for ya this year folks! The possibilities are endless for creating your own DIY HOCO looks with our tricolour colours, so get out there and start looking! It is simple, easy, fun, and cheap to make your own trends and accessories for HOCO so don’t be afraid to get creative.


*All images courtesy of Alex Cook
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