From bright blue eyeliner, low-waisted patchy jeans, to polos with popped collars – the 2000s was quite the era for stand-out fashion. Seeing 2000’s style brings me an effervescent nostalgia, bringing me back to the days of after-school snacks and watching intently as to what kind of low-waisted distressed denim Lizzie McGuire was flaunting on Family Channel. There’s something special about re-calibrating the era of our youth, now from the perspective of being the same age Brittany Spears was as she strutted in denim on denim. Let’s bring out that box of silly bands and dust off our Juicy sweatsuits, and bring the cringe-worthy sense of bedazzlement into the present – because although it was one of the most ridiculous eras in fashion history, it is also one of the most fun to duplicate.



Laura Anderson is MUSE’s Business Director.

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