Music Monday: Solange Appreciation

  After a long four years since the release of her EP True, Solange is back and better than ever with a stunning new statement on black womanhood with her LP, A Seat at The Table. In her third full-length album, Solange creates an intricately crafted piece of art that tackles

HOCO 2016 Music Playlist

It's that time of year again! Queen’s students, past and present, come together this weekend to celebrate the rich history and accomplishments of our great school. Homecoming is not only the biggest party of the school year, but it is undoubtedly the most anticipated. Thousands of students and alumni will

Music Monday: Getting in The Groove

Well, it’s official— summer is over. We’re at that point in the year where alarms are set for 8:30 am, assignments are beginning to pile up, and grabbing cozy sweaters and boots instead of crop tops and cutoffs are becoming a habit. While the change in seasons can be exciting

Music Monday: A Guide to the Best Music Websites

My monthly entertainment budget is essentially eaten up completely by my Netflix subscription. This leaves for majorly slim pickings when it comes to music subscription accounts. Here’s a fun fact for you – the Spotify premium account price is more expensive than a Netflix subscription. This may sound trivial to

Music Monday: The End of Something

A Head Full of Dreams album art Everyone is entitled to having just one guilty pleasure. Okay, maybe more then just one, but regardless, we all have those things we shouldn’t like, but do enjoy anyways. I'd like to think that mine isn’t all that bad. What is it, you’re asking?

Music Monday: Classic Rock

I’ve been enlightened. I’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve finally opened my eyes. I’ve begun listening to classic rock music. The last thing I’ll do is pretend I’ve any sort of expertise when it comes to real rock, and I kind of figured that some

MUSExHOCO Playlist

It’s astonishing to think that we’re almost 2 months into the school year and just a day away from homecoming. For most of you, and myself of course, homecoming is by far the most anticipated event since frosh week, and personally I can't wait any longer for it! I don't

Music Monday: A Compton Thing

Welcome back to the latest edition of Music Mondays! This week, I tried to change it up and go slightly out of my comfort zone, so bear with me here. Anyone who knows me knows that rap and hip-hop are not my forte; they are genres that tend to push the