MUSE NEWS: March 29, 2015

MUSE News March 29, 2015 ISSUE X! In case you missed the celebration on Thursday, MUSE launched our tenth issue thanks to all of our amazing executives, print and online contributors, and of course all of our readers and supporters (we couldn’t do it without you guys!). This issue features more

MUSE NEWS February 22

MUSE NEWS February 22 Canadian designer takes to the runways in Paris. Born in Jordan and raised in Canada, Rad Hourani is a 32-year-old designer with no formal training, braving the sought after runways in Paris. As both the first ever Canadian and only designer to ever present a unisex

MUSE NEWS February 15

MUSE NEWS February 15   Miley Cyrus submits art film to NYC Porn Festival, gets rejected. In an attempt to be seen as a true “artist,” Miley Cyrus debuted herself at Art Basel last year with work that can only be described as “interesting”: a five foot tall sculpture of a bong

MUSE NEWS February 8

MUSE NEWS February 8, 2015     Beyoncé releases a remix for her iconic hit “Crazy In Love”. As a part of the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack, Beyoncé released a more sinister, and sexier, version of the 2003 single. The track is a much slower and darker version of the original upbeat

Theatre: On the Brink

Theatre: On the Brink The Facebook event page for the second instalment of the all-student-run Drama Studio Series, Drama Studio Series on the Brink, states that "these shows are sure to spark some conversation", and this is definitely the truth. As I entered the Rotunda Theatre to find a seat, I


MUSE NEWS JANUARY 25 Kim Kardashian releases the official cover of her selfie book, “Selfish”. The idea for the book was (naturally) thought of by Kanye West, Kim’s number one fan. The cover shows Kardashian with wet, slicked back hair, perfect make up, and a pout, of course.       Rick Owens has freed

Misogyny Takes The Internet

Much has been buzzing around recently about the situation involving 13 fourth year Dalhousie Dentistry students who had been suspended from the university after inappropriate comments were posted in a group on Facebook. The comments, which have been deemed “misogynistic” and “sexually harassing”, were posted in the Class of 2015 Dalhousie

Êtes vous Charlie?

Êtes vous Charlie? I don’t really have a witty way to begin this article because it’s about something that isn’t very funny, so as much as I’d like to use this as an opportunity to show you all that I’m a hilarious writer who you totally want to befriend and take


MUSE NEWS - January 18, 2015   John Galliano premieres his first artisanal collection as the Creative Director of Maison Martin Margiela. The fashion world has missed Galliano’s out of this world designs that have taken couture to new heights. After being dismissed as the head designer of Christian Dior in 2011,