Music Monday: Bringing the Funk to Clark Hall Pub

Toronto based collective After Funk rolled through Clark Hall pub on October 22nd and absolutely killed it. Don’t know who After Funk is? Fear not, I’m here to enlighten you! After Funk is a seriously talented funk/soul quartet comprised of drums (Jaime Rosenberg), bass (Justin Bontje), guitar (Phil Tessis), and keyboard

Music Monday: Classic Rock

I’ve been enlightened. I’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve finally opened my eyes. I’ve begun listening to classic rock music. The last thing I’ll do is pretend I’ve any sort of expertise when it comes to real rock, and I kind of figured that some

Music Monday: A Compton Thing

Welcome back to the latest edition of Music Mondays! This week, I tried to change it up and go slightly out of my comfort zone, so bear with me here. Anyone who knows me knows that rap and hip-hop are not my forte; they are genres that tend to push the