One of the summer’s greatest pleasures includes an easy everyday uniform – bathing suit, sundress, shorts and a tee, and maybe a dressed-up 9-5 look. Simple, effortless, and often, minimalistic. However, with fall just around the corner, many returning students are feeling invigorated to turn over a new leaf and flow with the seasons. That’s right, Queen’s – it’s almost time to pack away your classic denim shorts, and opt for more seasonally appropriate attire. While this fact may invoke feelings of melancholy, it also offers a great opportunity to update your wardrobe. For me, this means finding inspiration from past decades – including the 1970s.

It’s almost time to pack away your classic denim shorts and opt for more seasonally appropriate attire

My style is pretty classic – blue bottom jeans and a white tee. I just love a good staple and easy-to-wear look – what can I say? I’m basic. But every now and then I like to spice it up a little, and 1970s fashion definitely brought the heat. 


The late 1960s counterculture was all about rebellion, upheavals and spiritual awakenings. Young people publicly questioned unjust political institutions, fought for civil rights and began to embrace people of all sexualities – actions which greatly contested their parents’ beliefs. These tumultuous years paved the way for a new decade which welcomed freedom of expression and exploration. Hence, the birth of the 1970s. 

’70s fashion was made to mix and match, and defy gender norms

1970s fashion was all about individuality. Vogue declared, “There are no rules of the fashion game now. You’re playing it and you make up the game as you go.” 


When you think of 1970s fashion, many of you probably go straight to the well-known tie-dye tee. However, many other clothing trends aided in defining the unique, comfortable and casual ‘70s fashion vibe. Clothes were made to mix and match, and defy gender norms. Fortunately, many of these styles have made a resurgence in 2019, and let me be the first to admit – I’m so ready.


So if you’re like me and you’re in need of a new fall fit, then take a trip to your parent’s house, raid their closet for some ‘70s inspired pieces, and as Vogue said, let’s play the game.