It’s Pier Time Baby: The Ultimate Day Drinking Mix

Grab your speaker and head to the pier, MUSE is making sure you have the most bumpin tunes for frosh week.

Picture this: you wake up very hungover from a great night seeing everyone on the streets. You know it would be best for you body to stay in bed all day, but there’s one thing holding you back. The pier. You muster up the energy to get up, chug some water and grab your favourite suit. You grab some day drinks, spike ball, and hit the road with the squad. You’re almost prepared to roll up the pier looking great and confident as ever, but you’re missing one thing: the perfect playlist.

Don’t forget to grab your speaker this week and bump these tunes when you head to the pier, or maybe even a darty. Good times will be had! Whether it’s your first or last frosh, MUSE hopes it’s a great one.