What Travelling the World at 17 Taught Me

BY ALEX COOK                                  ONLINE CONTRIBUTOR Imagine: your mom calls you into her office and shows you a brand new inaugural program offered for the following school year with Blyth Academy where you travel for 8 months September-May, earning your Grade 11 or 12 high school credits. I couldn’t believe … Continue reading What Travelling the World at 17 Taught Me

Minimalism as a Millenial

BY ALEX STRACHAN                                  ONLINE CONTRIBUTOR I don’t think I’m the only one who’s been intrigued by the wave of minimalism that seems to be taking over Netflix documentaries, lifestyle magazines, even interior decorating styles. For the sake of being the most recognizable I’ll mention the Netflix documentary that inspired … Continue reading Minimalism as a Millenial

How are Millenials Viewing Religion?

Illustrations by Amber Vittoria for Man Repeller BY SERENE NEKOUI                                       ONLINE CONTRIBUTOR My values and ethics were shaped by the teachings and traditions of the Baha’i faith. Through organized religion, my moral construct was effortlessly guided, as I was constantly reminded by the virtues a member of … Continue reading How are Millenials Viewing Religion?