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Valentine’s Day Playlist

Whether you're hanging with your partner, kicking with the gang, or treating yourself to some much needed R&R, there is a Valentine’s Day song for you!

New Year, New Tunes

2018 has only just begun but a range of artists have already begun to release singles and promos for new albums to come out in the months ahead.

The Top 10 Albums of 2017

This year in music was characterized by artists searching to make sense of what many would agree to be a strange year. On this trend, the best music sprang from the turmoil and resulted in things we would never expect - Harry Styles releasing a classic rock album, Jay-Z dropping a surprise album with politically charged undertones, rap group Brockhampton coming up from absolutely nowhere. 

PLAYLIST: Songs You Didn’t Know You Knew

Buried in the depths all of our minds is a vault of riffs, tunes and melodies that we know from somewhere, some place. Often, we don't know the names of these songs, but they seem to be everywhere in television, video games, movies, even in the music of other artists. These are just a few of the songs whose names are occasionally forgotten, but whose melodies have been made instantly recognizable, timeless hits.


It's our favourite day of the week- Tuesday! Get ready to bounce, rock, roll, and shake at MOD night at The Brooklyn. From Little Richard to Amy Winehouse, MUSE has got you covered with the greatest hits to get you in the mood for MOD!