If You Couldn’t Travel This Summer…

BY CASSANDRA LITTLEWOOD                                                                                                 

My Kind of People

BY KATE FARRELL                                                                                                 

The Truth About Millenials

BY SERENE NEKOUI                                                                                                

My Favourite Room on Campus

About a year ago, I was at an interview for a job at Queen’s— one of many hopefuls trying to scramble their way to the second round. The job required intimate knowledge of the university grounds, so one of the first questions was, “What is your favourite room on campus?”

“Baby Woman” and Me

You can read Emily Ratajkowski's original essay "Baby Woman" here. Lena Dunham’s website Lenny Letter recently featured a piece written by model and actress Emily Ratajkowski. The personal essay is titled “Baby Woman,” and in it, Ratajkowski discusses her pubescent years as a “baby woman”—a 12-year-old with D-cup breasts. She expresses


Your arms wrap around me, Squeezing me tighter and tighter Until all I’m aware of are my ribs Piercing through my skin. You squeeze life out of me, Until all that is left Is a hollow shell. Sunken eyes hide in dark caves And peer out only to see a sallow face Looking back at them. They rest on top