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How to Wear a Headband If You’re Not Blair Waldorf

I somehow found myself on Amazon, clicking on a thumbnail of a black headband going for $6.99. I hesitated for a minute. Would I ever actually wear it? Would it ever pass as non-ironic? Would I find a way to not look like Blair Waldorf in the process?

To Save or to Spend: That is the Question

There are two types of people when it comes to shopping: those who believe you get what you pay for and those who believe that it's smarter to buy multiple items for the price of one overpriced item.

Christian Dior x ROM: Couture in the Heart of Toronto

“Fashion in this age of machines, has become one the last refuges of the human, personal, and individual element.” This quote by Christian Dior himself dating back to 1957 and gracing the banner by the entrance of the exhibit, captures the essence of why visitors are pouring in for tickets.

Stylish but Comfy

As the weather gets colder it’s not hard to fall into the pattern of wearing the same old hoodie and track pant combo everyday.  I mean it’s comfortable, it’ll keep you warm on those -10 days, and you don’t have to think about it too much... but who said that comfort can’t also be stylish?

An Interview with The Loft Girls

Niki Hodgskiss and Claire Bouvier both knew that they would never have traditional careers; entrepreneurship always called them. Their business, the Loft Girls is a second hand clothing shop located in a pale pink truck that is bringing a new style to thrifting.

50 Shades of No Representation

It only takes a few minutes of scrolling through YouTube or walking through cosmetic aisles to realize the makeup industry is tailored towards a certain group of people. Read on for an examination of discrimination in the makeup industry.

I Documented My Outfits for 3 Weeks: Here’s What I Learned

Sartorial choices say a lot about who we are, what we're going through, but it takes an exercise like this -documenting a month of one's choices of presentation- to step back and properly reflect. When I was brainstorming features for MUSE this fall, I figured it would be the right time to do it. I also figured that documenting my outfits in the first few weeks of school might be more interesting than the ones I'll (soon) have to put together in below freezing weather.