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Meet Queen’s’ 2018 CUPSI Team

Images via Queen's Poetry Slam BY CASSANDRA LITTLEWOOD                        ONLINE CONTRIBUTOR For the third year in a row, a Queen’s…

Christian Dior x ROM: Couture in the Heart of Toronto

“Fashion in this age of machines, has become one the last refuges of the human, personal, and individual element.” This quote by Christian Dior himself dating back to 1957 and gracing the banner by the entrance of the exhibit, captures the essence of why visitors are pouring in for tickets.

The Artist of Chaos: Francisco Corbett

Fran is the type of person you can sit down and talk to for hours and never have a moment of silence. So, when the opportunity to feature him presented itself, I asked him some questions about his art, and himself: the artist of chaos, Francisco Corbett.

Silver Screens and Screwballs

Recently, I discovered a new favourite genre of film. Well, maybe new isn’t the right word, since this genre is a gem originating from the 1930’s. During the Great Depression, Hollywood brought life back through screwball comedies.

Rewatching Lizzie McGuire as an Adult

I don’t remember a time in my early childhood where I wasn’t completely obsessed with Lizzie McGuire. When I wasn’t watching Lizzie fumble her way through her middle school I was listening to Hillary Duff”s (aka Lizzie, aka my queen) Metamorphosis on repeat. It cannot be argued that Hillary Duff did not own the early 2000’s.

Netflix Shows for Every Mood

Ah, Fall. The time of year when we can comfortably binge-watch Netflix under the glow of strategically-placed Christmas lights that make our rooms so cozy. The time of year when we can stop going out and spend our free time in our sweats and favourite hoodies instead. Sometimes, picking a new show to binge-watch is too overwhelming. To make your Fall Netflix days as easy as possible, here are some shows to watch based on how you’re feeling. A Netflix mood-ring if you will.