In case you weren’t aware, Drake likes his girls BBW. I won’t provide a definition for what that means (I trust you know what is), but essentially, he likes girls with some serious junk in the trunk. And he’s not alone. Meghan Trainor echoed his sentiments, boldly claiming that she was “bringing booty back.” Need I even remind you what Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video showcases ever so fantastically? Booty. Lots of it.

Alongside this relatively new craze, plus-size women are joining the ranks of fame to a much higher degree. Size 22 model Tess Holliday graced the cover of People this summer, calling out body-shamers. Runway queen Ashley Graham is busting stereotypes of the rail-thin fashion week girl. So the curvy girls have got some support, finally – and they deserve it, after generations of stick-thin, tiny-booty ladies dominating our magazine covers.

But here’s the problem – those “skinny bitches” Meghan Trainor refers to are still very much present at the opposite end of the spectrum. As these polarized definitions of beauty continue to expand, there doesn’t seem to be much room between Kim K’s butt and Gisele Bündchen’s legs for the girls who don’t exactly fit into either group.

I understand the basis behind the surge of plus-size power in the media – these women are stepping up and calling for greater representation and acceptance, and that is badass. But in some cases, I think this new claim to power has been achieved in ways that have shamed other body types, namely “skinny” girls who coexist on fashion covers and runways. And never mind the somewhere-in-between girls, who seem to be left to fend for themselves.

I know what you’re thinking – don’t the thin girls deserve to take some heat? They’ve been the most prized and sought after body type for forever, haven’t they? This feeling has validity, especially when larger body shapes have been put down for too long. Here’s the truth, though: in seeking to make the idea of a beautiful body more inclusive, no woman, no matter her size, should be shaming another. We get enough of that from the rest of the world, and we need to encourage love, support, and acceptance of every body (literally).

But in the mean time, I’ll be searching for a rap song where I feel represented a little more. Maybe the lyrics could be something like:

“Hey girl, I see you wandering over to the plus size section of Forever 21,
But boo, I know you still fit into single digits at Garage,
I love the way your cheat day includes poutine for breakfast,
Do yo thang, medium-sized booty.”

So please, let’s celebrate booties that fit the categories and booties that don’t. If you’re a girl who attempts to exercise regularly but can also take down a Hot-N-Ready pizza like it’s your day job, please contact me – let’s demand Drake write a song for us.

Yours Creatively,

Shauna McGinn, Online Columnist

Image: “Hotline Bling” Music Video